QB TOOLS application

for employees

Control your company's activities, respond to orders and reviews, view 📈analytics, and scan your customers' loyalty cards using the app

We will contact you in a few minutes

We will contact you in a few minutes

Order management

With the QB Tools app, you can take orders from customers directly in the mobile application, change order statuses, and view detailed information

Handling reviews

Receive and process reviews and ratings from customers in one place - the QB Tools mobile app for employees. The convenient feature of sending SMS messages for feedback will allow you to promptly respond to all customer comments with just one click directly from the app

Marketing capabilities

Orders placed by customers instantly appear in QB CRM. The user has the ability to view detailed information on each order, change order statuses if necessary, view payment statuses, and information about the customer who placed it

Detailed analytics

View detailed analytical information by location or company as a whole based on received reviews - their quantity, ratings, as well as NPS, CSAT, CES metrics. View analytics on received orders, their quantity, average order value, revenue, redeemed bonuses, and customer delivery expenses

Convenient notifications

We've made sure your employees receive the most essential information as quickly as possible and save their time with instant push notifications about new orders or reviews from your customers

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and familiarize yourself with the capabilities

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