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QB Tools has its own studio base with professional graphic designers, enabling us to implement projects in all areas of graphic design

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A corporate identity contributes to the development of the company


Recognition and identification: A corporate identity helps to stand out and create a recognizable image for the company


Professional image: Corporate identity contributes to strengthening the company's professional image by increasing the emotional value of the brand


Consistency and coherence: A corporate identity ensures a uniform appearance and maintains consistency in communication


Emotional impact: A corporate identity can evoke emotional connections and enhance customer engagement

The aesthetics from QB Tools in every detail


Development of identity for a consulting company specializing in tourism


Development of brand design for the American bakery Bodega, established in 1923


Development of brand identity for a new English coffee shop inspired by American underground culture

Chef Burger Bar

The brand design concept revolves around creating a fresh and unique visual identity, distinct from conventional designs

Mmm Food

"Mmm Food" is a family restaurant aiming to appeal to customers of all ages. The most interesting and challenging task of the project was to create an illustrated logo that would appeal to children of all ages. From toddlers brought in by their parents for Saturday lunches to teenagers who love to grab a slice of pizza after school.


A chain of pizzerias/sushi bars

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